Thursday, December 19, 2013

Operation Fluffy Bums

We just launched a new program that we are really excited about sharing with you!  It is called Operation Fluffy Bums.

Basically, we know how important military families are and how important it is to support them because they ultimately protect our freedom!  That's where O.F.B. comes in!

You can either apply or sponsor families to receive diaper care packages.

Here is more information from The Rebecca Foundation Website:

Operation Fluffy Bums is a new program of The Rebecca Foundation designed to help American Military families who are deployed and stationed overseas.  As we continue with our mission to serve others in their communities, we have realized that the overseas military community members are just as important members of our family as the ones that are here locally.  O.F.B. was created to make sure "No Bum is Left Behind". 

Through your generous donation to O.F.B., we can assure that Military families abroad are able to receive assistance with cloth diapering from our home base.  In addition to your donation to O.F.B., we are extending the opportunity for families here at home to sponsor a family abroad by sending cards/notes, diaper care packages, and providing shipping assistance for all packages being sent to those families.  

We hope you will take part and join us in this new program as we try and reach more families in need!

You can donate and take part in the program by going to our main website where you may apply as well!

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